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The Sparrows descend upon Sand Hollow

Nick and his brothers and dad totaled 36 fish for the day with this 4.6 lb. and another 5.0 for the 2 biggest. What a day!!!

Professor puts on clinic of his own

Couple of really nice, aggressive males we site fished. Caught 7 males just like this in 2-4 feet of water, again all site fished. Tremendous fun!

The Clegg Family

The Clegg family enjoyed 2 days on Sand Hollow catching some really nice fish, as you can see.

Nice day out!

Some more really nice early spring fish from Sand Hollow. Rene' landed a nice 5 lber. Fish are just beginning to move into the shallows getting ready to spawn. Can you say "bed bite?"

Father and Son Day

Roy (dad) and Travis from Cedar City landed 13 for the day with a 3.4 lbs. being the biggest caught by Travis on a drop shot rig, however jigs moved very slow in deep water lead the day. Not bad for the end of January!!

Hunter and Wyatt

What we lacked in number, we made up for in size! Had a great time fishing with these guys.

RALPH is on FIRE!!!

Ralph caught a 7.16lb, and another 7lb, 5lb, 3 over 4lbs, and 2 over 3lbs at Sand Hollow today. He is sizzling Hot!

COLD!! But still catching 'em...

Look what our friend, Ralph, caught today... 6.54lb.!
These fish can be caught all year round. You gotta love it!

Prefishing for UBTT

3.14 lbs.

2nd Place at the Pro Am Tournament

WOW! Blessed once again on the water with a 2nd place finish out of 22 boats. Two 4 lbers really helped us. Many thanks to my co-angler, Justin Goodwin, great guy, great fisherman!

A Day to Remember

We started at daybreak, first two casts of the day resulted in double hook up. Mrs. Norman had on a 5.2 lb monster and Wayne a 1.5 lb fish. Both fish in 36 feet of water went under the boat and decided to wrap the lines around each other. Quite an event but we were able to boat both fish. Landed 14 fish for the day including 5.2 lb, 4.14 lb, 3.3 lb and a 3.2 as our four biggest fish. These people from Tucson know how to fish!

Pre-fishing the Tournament


Pre-fishing for the first Pro-Am ever to be held on Sand Hollow Reservoir Sept. 25, 2010. Went pretty good. Landed 23 fish in 4 hours. Best 3 fish went 4.14 lb, 4.07 lb and 3.05 lb. Fall fishing should be picking up pretty soon where big females begin to feed heavily in order to incubate existing eggs by layering with fat to get them through the winter. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it should as soon as water temperatures cool off which should be in the next 3 weeks, weather dependent.

The 3 Amigos!


We took out these 3 gentlemen from Las Vegas with no previous bass fishing experience. They followed directions well resulting in 30 dish for a 5 hour morning, with their best fish being 3.08 lbs.

Two Generations Making Memories


Grandpa Dan and 8-yr-old Grandson Ian stroked them on Sand Hollow ending the morning with 22 bass brought to the boat.

This is CRAZY!

This was a father and son from Boston. It was UNREAL!! Twice that day, had double hookups with fish over 4 lbs. 35 fish for the 4-hour morning we were out. Crazy Good!

Girls day out!

These two lovely ladies from Lehi, Utah had never caught a bass before. However, they followed directions very well. The result was 37 fish in 4.5 hours. Three times that day had double hookups with fish pushing 5 lbs. You could hear 'em all over the lake.

Best day fishing...

This gentlemen was a first mate on marlin boats out of Florida. He knew how to fish! His girlfriend, first time fishing ever. End result, 40 fish landed in 5-hours on the water. Great memories for both of us.